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I love showing off my masterpiece. The best thing is announcing that I did it!
Cassandra McElister, Madison, WI

Perfect for people afraid of putting a little color on the walls. A large motif really brightened my room
Sarah Bestler, Callaway, FL

Majority of portfolio is modern, I'd like to see more traditional art options
Immie Xanioliopi, Philadelphia, PA

Would love the option to have art printed on fine art paper.
Tom Cullie, Elgin, IL

I'd love to see more African American art
Angela Williams, Austin, TX

Great idea, what took you so long?
Angie Berree, Florence, SC

Program is very easy to use
Sam McEligiot, Milwaukee, WI

Delivered product looks 1000% better than representation on website. Love the texture, looks like product was actually painted
Ariel Techolmi, Clearwater, FL

Need options for kid rooms
Mary Miller, Atlanta, GA

I knew exactly what I needed above my bed. Finding it in a reprint was impossible. When I found a picture I liked, it didn't match, when I found a matching picture, the subject wasn't right for the room. Thank God for MyMotif, my only complaint is that I wish I found you sooner.
Shelley Mitchell, Akron, Ohio

I like your designs and your concepts. Today I did some faux painting on my wall and I wish you had some sponge painted backgrounds for me to experiment with. Thank you and good luck. My favorites are the moderns.
Shirley, New Hampshire

Love, Love, Love my finished piece. The colors are way more vivid than how they appear on-line
Sasha Day, Burbank, CA