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A win/win Partnership


MyMotif saves designers countless hours by empowering you to create a perfect, cohesive work-of-art for your decor projects.

Many of our site visitors inquire about design assistance in creating and coordinating their designs. Join our network of referred designers that assist new clients in achieving their design vision.

Partnership Benefits

  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Referrals to commercial and residential customers looking for local design assistance
  • Free creation of new original (customizable) pieces and sizes to meet unique art needs
    10 print min. MyMotif maintian Ownership of artwork

Partnership Sign Up

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I agree to the following Terms and Conditions

MyMotif agrees to list your company as a design consultant to inquiring customers. MyMotif will make referrals based
on customers' location by referring all agencies in the customers' surrounding area. MyMotif does not guarantee any
amount of sales or business. MyMotif assistance to customers end with referrals from our website. MyMotif is excluded
from all subsequent contracts and agreements between customers and referred designer.

MyMotif believes that designers that are most familiar with our technology and those that frequently design and purchase
products from our website make the best partners. Therefore, MyMotif restricts partnerships to designers that agree to
purchase the average monthly or annual min volume. As a Partner to MyMotif, designers have access to wholesale pricing,
referrals from our website and the creation of new customizable designs and sizes at no additional charge. .(*with a 10 print
min) Please understand that these privileges can be revoked after three consecutive months of no purchases. Partnerships
can be canceled by MyMotif or designers at any time. All cancellation requests should be submitted via email. Please
allow up to 14 business days for us to remove your information from our website.