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About Us

MyMOTIF makes YOU the artist, allowing you to create affordable, custom artwork in three easy steps:
(1) Pick your design
(2) Pick your colors
(3) Pick your format (size)

MyMotif caters to customers who take pleasure in creating décor that reflects their personal style. Our customers
consider artwork a basic, but imperative wall feature and are very picky about how artwork “ fits” into their décor,
however, our customers are not willing to spend a fortune on custom artwork.

Our patent-pending software assists self proclaimed decorators in creating affordable, customizable wall art to fit
perfectly in their room instead of spending the time and efforts required to search through reprints and the large
expense of custom artwork created the traditional way.

MyMotif original artwork is initiated by gifted artists from around the world to inspire your individual design vision.
Our customizable wall art is original and printed on premium canvas; no glass, matting or framing required. Obtaining
the ideal artwork for any décor has never been so accessible, fun and affordable.