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Canvas Art and other popular Wall Décor forms

No Bare Walls!  As consumers experience the warmth and adornment contributed by wall décor, they are becoming savvy and confident in selecting the ideal wall décor for their room.  Gone are the days when a bare, white, wall is acceptable, therefore, wall décor is growing in popularity and are available in many different forms.

Canvas Art and Wall Décor to Solve Home Decorating Issues

Consumers use art to bring life, personality, and emotions to their walls.  Art is also a great way to bring the latest trends to a space.  The right use of wall décor can quickly and economically solve many decorating issues:

  • Art is a great way to bring color to a wall and is a great alternative to painting an entire wall. 
  • Art can make a room with tall ceilings and large walls feel more intimate, comfortable and inviting.
  • Art with the right color scheme can create a smooth visual transition with problem areas like stairways and hallways.
  • Display season appropriate art to help transition your home from one season to the next.
  • Use art to create a focal point over a mantle.
  • Use art or a mirror in place of a window to create a feeling of greater space and more light. 
  • A large art piece containing an outdoor scene, horizon or a landscape can take the eye further than the room itself and can extend the room size. 
  • Art with that pulls in elements of colors or decor styles from their main room can keep hallways feeling like an integrated part of your home.

Custom Canvas Art that “fits” your Decor

MyMotif is ideal for consumers who want their room to reflect their individual style.

All rooms start off as a blank canvas, however, home decorating is a bona fide form of self expression. When guest enter your home, there is no greater compliment than the words, “the home décor is so you”. Unlike the meals you will prepare or other methods of maintaining your dwelling, decorating can and should tell of personal story about you (and your family)- your favorite colors, places you have traveled, your decorating style, etc. Whether, bold and contemporary or warm and traditional, creating a home environment that supports your personality is essential to establishing your personal retreat.

Many people take pleasure in decorating their home to reflect their personal style. However, various forms of wall décor and artwork can play a different role to different people in various rooms. The functional role of wall decor can span from being a conversation piece that may reveal a hidden passion to a basic, but imperative wall feature that is less of a conversation piece and more of a room accessory. Either way, people should be very picky about how wall décor and art “fits” into their home décor.

MyMotif doesn’t sell traditional art which value is based on the arts novelty and artist notoriety. Instead, MyMotif makes the consumers the artist allowing them to create a custom canvas print that perfectly matches their decor. MyMotif’s canvas prints aim to add charisma, warmth and personality to any wall or room. MyMotif’s portfolio of canvas art brings to the wall what an area rug brings to a bare floor and is ideal for consumers who are not willing to spend a fortune on custom art for a particular room. MyMotif helps consumers tell their personal story by allowing them to decorate room with a custom canvas art print that has the perfect design, colors and size for their room’s décor.

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