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Modern Wall Art for the Outdoor

Think Outside the House!

Modern wall art is not just a big hit inside your home. With the right finishing touch, outdoor wall art can greatly enhance outdoor spaces.

Modern wall art can take numerous forms which can embellish the outer walls of your home. The possibilities are endless as modern art offers a fine blend of conventional and creative ideas to transform the outer look of your home. Of course, you can create/choose a unique mixture of modern wall art that fits your style.

Many people adorn the formal entrances to their homes with matching pieces of modern wall art placed on either side of the door. As the entrance is the place where first impression will be made about your home, you should be very careful about the choice of modern wall art pieces you put here. Keep the overall look of the entrance in mind to craft a look that complements the entry. A weak judgment can ruin the first impression that your home gives. In addition to considering the exterior look, you should also ensure that the modern wall art suits the entire home and the people living in it.

Modern wall art can also complement outside sitting areas. You can use the modern art to enhance the look & feel of the area, according to the general mood of the place. You might use such an area to read the morning paper with a cup of coffee or entertain your evening guests with some wine. Some places will have a masculine ambience while others spell femininity. The dynamics will vary from one house to another. Modern wall art enables you to avail the embellishment opportunities unique to your house. MyMotif offers brilliant modern wall artwork of various sizes and shapes to get the right look for the right spot. You can even extend your creative application of modern wall art to your garage and front gate.

The beauty of modern wall art lies in its versatility. The possibilities are endless, however, the application only being limited by your imagination. MyMotif strives to combine your vision with its own creativity and resources to produce the most faltering modern wall art enhancements. Modern wall art offers the attractive blend of affordability and aesthetics, and MyMotif enables you to take advantage of this beautiful combination. Harnessing the potential of modern wall art is an art itself and with the right guidance, you can be very artistic.

How Contemporary Wall Art gives Character to Your Home

Making a blank wall a welcoming and vibrating screen can be daunting. Contemporary wall art makes this task easier, giving character to your home or workplace. Contemporary art offers a broad spectrum of colors, emotions and moods. You will be pleasantly surprised by the array of options available.

A blank wall is like a canvas. As a homeowner, you are an artist who can bring this canvas to like through many ways without having to paint a masterpiece yourself. You don’t have to buy an expensive masterpiece from an artist either. What you need to remember is that whatever compliments your home in the best manner is your masterpiece. Contemporary wall art gives you the ability to find the right balance of suitability and affordability. You can easily find modern artwork that fits perfectly in your home. You can even add a dash of creativity and create kind of customized and ready made Contemporary wall art, like MyMotif offers.

Contemporary wall art gives you an opportunity to connect with art that speaks to you and gives your home beauty and personality. You want your wall art that impresses your guests and is at the same time elegant. Contemporary wall art such as a painting or wall sculpture can do the trick. From an elegant wall sculpture to a metal mosaic, the many faces of contemporary art can act as the highlight of a party or be an enlightening conversation starter.

Wall art quite literary surrounds your life. Abstract wall art in your kitchen can set the mood for morning coffee, while one in your living room can be the topic of an interesting discussion. Contemporary wall art lends itself to the uniqueness of every room. You can match the desired look for every room in your home with the array of contemporary wall art pieces.

Contemporary wall art embellishes your home in a way that is both timeless and personal. Unlike a replica of an ancient painting, contemporary art adds something that is modern and vital. The color and vitality that it brings to your home is as unique as you are.

Contemporary wall art is an excellent way to enhance the look and feel of your home. The contemporary art form is a wonderful way to surround yourself with beauty. It even gives you the opportunity to be creative and contribute to the embellishment of your home.

Canvas Wall Art – When Nailing isn’t Nailing it…

Deciding what goes up your wall is not the end of creating an impressive canvas wall art. With paintings, just nailing them to the wall isn’t always the best way.

You can get really creative with the ways you set up your amazing paintings and other artworks on your walls. There are a lot of subtle as well as obvious aesthetic factors that you need to consider when adding a painting to your canvas wall art.

Here are a few ways you can jazz up your canvas wall art by hanging the paintings a bit differently:

Frame It

A frame gives a painting a more formal look. If you decide this is the look you want, then framing the painting is a great idea. Customizing the frame for your artwork can be expensive. However, you can get reasonably priced ready-made frames from home décor outlets and art stores. You can even discover suitable frames at thrift shops or even yard sales. Refurbish the frames with varnish or paint and you’re good to go. Be sure to have the measurements of your canvas before you set out for the frame hunt!

Ribbon It

Pretty ribbons for a pretty room. Again, keep the desired look of the room in mind. Wiring the canvas from the back isn’t the only option. Attach a couple of pieces of ribbons to the right and top left sides of the canvas and tie it into a neat ribbon, leaving some room between the canvas and the knotted ribbon. You and your guests can see the ribbon above the canvas. However, make sure not to use too many printed designs and patterns on the ribbon; you want the focus to remain on the artwork!

Group Them

This works best for hallways. You can group together various small pieces of artworks to cover an extended area of a wall, like the one in a hallway. This is an ideal way to cover your bare walls if you have a lot of empty space and have small canvases. Furthermore, the multitude of artworks is an excellent way to interest your guests as they will walk by your wall, looking at the artworks one by one. The grouping works best when the artworks are on a similar subject.

Row Them

In addition to hallways, arranging your artworks in a row works wonderfully for staircases and long corridors. You can even apply this arrangement in your dining room or living room. The best way to go about it is to get the art sets in 3 to 5 pieces of artworks that can collectively make up one painting. The canvas art sets can have many artwork pieces in the same size or even in different sizes, making them an offset canvas.

It’s up to you how you actually go about setting up your canvas wall art pieces. Your style, preference, house etc. will determine the best way to create an impressive interior adorned with canvas wall art. Whichever way you use to hang the canvas wall art, make sure it doesn’t overshadow the artwork itself!

Canvas Art and other popular Wall Décor forms

No Bare Walls!  As consumers experience the warmth and adornment contributed by wall décor, they are becoming savvy and confident in selecting the ideal wall décor for their room.  Gone are the days when a bare, white, wall is acceptable, therefore, wall décor is growing in popularity and are available in many different forms.

Canvas Art and Wall Décor to Solve Home Decorating Issues

Consumers use art to bring life, personality, and emotions to their walls.  Art is also a great way to bring the latest trends to a space.  The right use of wall décor can quickly and economically solve many decorating issues:

  • Art is a great way to bring color to a wall and is a great alternative to painting an entire wall. 
  • Art can make a room with tall ceilings and large walls feel more intimate, comfortable and inviting.
  • Art with the right color scheme can create a smooth visual transition with problem areas like stairways and hallways.
  • Display season appropriate art to help transition your home from one season to the next.
  • Use art to create a focal point over a mantle.
  • Use art or a mirror in place of a window to create a feeling of greater space and more light. 
  • A large art piece containing an outdoor scene, horizon or a landscape can take the eye further than the room itself and can extend the room size. 
  • Art with that pulls in elements of colors or decor styles from their main room can keep hallways feeling like an integrated part of your home.

Custom Canvas Art that “fits” your Decor

MyMotif is ideal for consumers who want their room to reflect their individual style.

All rooms start off as a blank canvas, however, home decorating is a bona fide form of self expression. When guest enter your home, there is no greater compliment than the words, “the home décor is so you”. Unlike the meals you will prepare or other methods of maintaining your dwelling, decorating can and should tell of personal story about you (and your family)- your favorite colors, places you have traveled, your decorating style, etc. Whether, bold and contemporary or warm and traditional, creating a home environment that supports your personality is essential to establishing your personal retreat.

Many people take pleasure in decorating their home to reflect their personal style. However, various forms of wall décor and artwork can play a different role to different people in various rooms. The functional role of wall decor can span from being a conversation piece that may reveal a hidden passion to a basic, but imperative wall feature that is less of a conversation piece and more of a room accessory. Either way, people should be very picky about how wall décor and art “fits” into their home décor.

MyMotif doesn’t sell traditional art which value is based on the arts novelty and artist notoriety. Instead, MyMotif makes the consumers the artist allowing them to create a custom canvas print that perfectly matches their decor. MyMotif’s canvas prints aim to add charisma, warmth and personality to any wall or room. MyMotif’s portfolio of canvas art brings to the wall what an area rug brings to a bare floor and is ideal for consumers who are not willing to spend a fortune on custom art for a particular room. MyMotif helps consumers tell their personal story by allowing them to decorate room with a custom canvas art print that has the perfect design, colors and size for their room’s décor.

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